Friday, 20 March 2009

First Day of Spring

Today, in common with the rest of the week, after a overcast start a brilliant blue sky and bright sunlight lifted our spirits. Celebrated the first day of spring with a walk through Levens Park and the avenue of oaks, emerging at the end to head towards the old disused canal towpath and Hincaster Tunnel.
Reaching the other side of the tunnel the sound of traffic from the A590 reminded why this canal is no longer. Still we walked away from noise and down the the pathway where we caught a brief sight of a pair of large butterflies.
Heading now for Heversham Head a tempting seat was placed in memory of a couple who loved the view and what a view. The sun was warm, sheltered from the breeze we gazed on the Kent Estuary. The day was very hazy but could see the Kent as sun glinted on it as it snaked its way out to the sea. We stopped here for some time taking in the rays but eventually made our way to the top and looked at the monument. Here is one side of it and its lovely depiction of sheep
We set off down hill to Heversham busy with cars as parents collected their children from school. We walked through and up the road to the bridleway through an avenue of trees emerging from which we could see Leven Hall in the distance. Walking down hill we eventually came down to High Barns Farm and down to where we had started.

The day was still warm so headed for Milnthorpe where looking for tea, nothing doings, so bought a couple of cakes (yellow Easter chicks) from Greggs to take home but were tempted into a glass of Everards in the pub instead. The chicks were eaten later (they were a sort of biscuity marshmallow).

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