Tuesday, 27 October 2009

ABC Wednesday - O is for Overcast

The first photograph is the sunniest its going to get on today's post. Imagine how overexcited I was when I seeing the compass points laid out in a garden. If only I had remembered last week for the N, guess I will wait until the next round for that. O is for west, or, as it is from my French holiday, ouest.

I live on the west coast of England where the Atlantic sometimes likes to bring us rain laden clouds which makes it rather overcast at times.

A beach is not just for summer it is for life. One of my favourite local beaches is Silecroft, here it is on a March day. It is quite a length and a mixture of shingle, rock and sand so you can enjoy a good walk whatever the weather. The people in the distance are doing just that. If beachcombing is your thing then sometimes there are sometimes interesting, and occasionally useful, finds after a stormy period of weather.
Some of the larger stones as the tide retreats, this is the stonier end. I have a picture of the sand dunes but the day was far too sunny. Now that's not something I have said before.

Another overcast day but this is on the south east coast of England in Kent. The yachts don't look they are in any danger of being taken out, protected against the weather with their little coats. The shingle is a lovely colour. This is Whitstable which is famous for
its oysters and oyster restaurants, the remains of their shells are everywhere. The ultimate beach recycling. I'll end with a poem, by the late Gavin Ewart, which may resonate more with those living or having holidayed, in countries and regions with unpredictable summers.

"Celestial Double Haiku of the Rising Sun" by Gavin Ewart

What makes our summer
so bloody annoying (air
travellers know well)

is that up above
those blasted clouds the sun is
shining hot as hell!

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Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. That is so interesting. And beautiful! All of our beaches have sand. Tiny grains of tan sand! : ) Love your shells too! There are so many!

Carol said...

Beautiful photos, Joy, and great Os...I love that first shot, what a nice find.

Mara said...

That first overcast photo is amazing. It looks really leaden!

Q said...

Each photograph was so interesting but the first is such a great idea.
Creative O post.

jabblog said...

Kentish born and bred I enjoyed seeing Whitstable again. Don't like oysters though :-)

Spiderdama said...

So beautiful beaches! Great photos:-)

RuneE said...

Living on the West-coast of Norway I know all about Over-cast :-)

Very appropriate!

Pam said...

I enjoyed you wonderful photos, Joy. I love a beach no matter what the weather. Some of my fondest memories, is rushing to the Atlantic ocean as soon as we heard a nor'easter storm was coming. The waves were so huge as they crashed against the rocks of the jetty. To me that was a marvelous day :)

Roger Owen Green said...

My, it was overcast in Albany, NY today, when it wasn't raining.
Nice photos.

Judi said...

We've had several overcast days here in the southern US as well. Lovely photos.

Granny Smith said...

Overcast can be lovely, as you have just proven. I especially like that wonderfully atmospheric first beach photo.

Tumblewords: said...

Terrific O's and poetry, too.

Jay said...

Hahaha! I love the little poem. SO true!!

Actually, I love the overcast beach pictures too. We used to live in a small seaside village, and loved the 'off' season when there were winds and cloudy skies, but NO TOURISTS!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Your photos prove that you don't always need sun to take great photos. Nice work!