Monday, 8 March 2010

Dozing Ducks, Bridges and An Aqueduct

Dozing while waiting for the ice to melt. I'd do the same if I had an inbuilt duvet.

Mallards on the the Lancaster Canal, just in shot on the barge is where they and I was, Carnforth. Setting off this morning for a stroll along the winding path, heading for Lancaster.

A blue, sunny and cloudless day. How still was the water, I may have overdone the number of bridge pictures taken today. Here is Barkers Bridge, its canal number, 126, if you were puttering down the canal by boat and wanted to check where you were.

Not a bridge but the Lune Aqueduct.  There is always something wonderful about aqueducts and this one is a beauty. Built from local stone, designed by John Rennie, it carries the canal 51 feet above the river and 664 feet from one side to the other. It is showing some wear in part but its been stood here since 1797

On the top the canal crosses the Lune, in the distance are the faint outline of the snow topped Yorkshire flat top hills but we are definitely in red rose Lancashire here.


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Beautiful! Twice beautiful with the reflections!

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