Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saturday Mix - Old

No problem about guessing the age of this pub its on the door frame and the sign, 1691.  The Ship Inn only open three days of the week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What do the folk in the village of  Kirkby in Furness do the rest of the week?   No problem, there is another pub open all week at the other end of this street, but not as old as this one.

Shannara's Saturday Mix photomeme whose prompt this week is Old (Gammal)


S o F said...

1691, old indeed.

And so beautiful in my eyes. Thank you for showing me/us.

Have a nice day.

jabblog said...

Is the area prone to flooding? No, I've just realised the life belt is part of the overall theme. Neat :-)

Shannara said...

Great picture, old and a good looking building according to me!

Thanks for participating in this weeks Mix!

BP said...

That beautiful pub was definitely the oldest contribution to the theme! Love it!

Avsändare Margareta said...

A wonderful old building perfect for the pub.

@nemonen said...

Great photo. I like it very much. Wonderful building and suitable for a pub.