Tuesday, 5 October 2010

ABC Wednesday - Lancaster

The old coat of arms of the city of Lancaster when it was the administrative centre for the county of Lancashire appears on the gates of the present town hall.  This was built early in the 20th century and was funded by the 'lino king' Lord Ashton (a multi millionaire), because the city could not afford to build one itself.
 The old town hall, now a museum, the front of which is a popular meeting place when school comes out, learning done for the day, the volume of chatter is boisterously loud.
Always a display of hanging baskets.

Now when I wondered what have I could use for ABC Wednesday's L and thought at the back of my mind, oh yes I've taken a few pictures in Lancaster, what I did not realise, until today, was I'd never taken the things that are usually associated with Lancaster, its many Georgian buildings, the Priory and the 12th Century castle so perhaps this tour
 is of the other corners of the city, the canal
by the side of which lie a couple of pubs, the Water Witch and the White Cross, where you can sit outside on a sunny day.  I suppose you could call this
a back street tour of Lancaster.  Going up the hill from here there is another pub,
which gives you an indication that just further on up the hill is
 the large Williamson Park
and its Butterfly House, closed the day this photograph was taken, but when open
 its tropical butterflies can be admired in lush foliage.
While a storm brews outside.  The other waterway that runs through Lancaster, the River Lune and the new Millennium Bridge, the Ashton Memorial on the skyline.  I have a least taken pictures of that, but used it before, in the last round for the letter S;  but there is another fine building I have not taken a photograph and is behind me as I took this photograph, the 18th Century Custom House which is now a Maritime Museum. How lamentable lax I have been, however luckily I might squeeze another letter out of this city for another round of ABC when I get round to taking the photographs.

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NanU said...

I love this kind of tour of the 'other bits' of a place. Much more interesting than yet another view of the priory!

jabblog said...

I could have sworn I'd left a comment . . . ah well. I agree with NanU - tours of the less obvious areas are so much more interesting.

Annelie said...

That Lord Ashton, do you have the number to him? I could use some of his money!? LOL

Lovely pictures!

Annelie E
ABC Wednesday team

Roger Owen Green said...

LOVELY photos, esp the coat of arms.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Anonymous said...

Lovely Lancaster shots, especially the back street

Cheryl said...

Enjoyed this pictorial tour. A couple of those photos just pop right out of screen.

mrsnesbitt said...

Ok lancaster - we head here every June on route to Heysham & the Isle of Man! Wayhey!

scott davidson said...

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