Monday, 13 December 2010

All The Fun of the Fair

In the run up to Christmas in the dark December nights the crowds descend on the square by the castle to Chester's "Victorian Christmas Fayre" where there is bustle round the stores
and a few people looking up in anticipation of the other attraction,
the Ferris Wheel. We went on at dusk to views across the city in all directions but the wheel looked prettier later,  lit up in the dark. Unlike our Victorian forebears we were in enclosed carriages rather than the wind whistling round you swinging in a chair. Much more civilized. There was ice skating at ground level and  
a merry-go-round at full tilt and of course the obligatory Santa's grotto, the door looked it little low even for me. The only thing was to go off for mulled wine and fire roasted chestnuts.

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