Tuesday, 10 May 2011

ABC Wednesday - Quarry

An portal to another world?  It certainly looked like it as I passed, the steam rising with a gathering storm.

It is a different world down there. Hartley Quarry, which I have been told produces limestone aggregate. The colour looks like that at the 'portal' but the colour of the quarry is not as expected. The brown pigment apparently is due to iron compounds. Like most of the quarries in Cumbria it burrows amongst the hills.  Looking down the valley, it sits above the village of Hartley

which now runs into the larger place of Kirkby Stephen. In earlier times (the quarry opened in the 1920s) a klaxon used to sound when they were blasting but now I think there must be just a

red flag hoisted. In those olden times a rail connection used to run to the quarry. Eventually the line closed but the 6 miles to the quarry remained and became their responsibility. By 1967 the metals running to the quarry deteriorated and were considered not strong enough to hold the weight of a British Rail steam locomotives and they were stopped.
This photo was taken in 1966 of one of the last runs to Hartley Quarry, showing a freight carrying Ivat 4MT locomotive. Nowadays of course lorries carry the aggregate on the road from the quarry, wonder if some of those loads will end up as roads.

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Berowne said...

Interesting post. I always like the posts with "content."

Meryl Jaffe, PhD said...

Cool shots - I love the comments!

VioletSky said...

I know quarries are necessary, but they are so often a blight on the landscape, aren't they?

EG Wow said...

Looks like tonnes and tonnes of limestone have been taken from that quarry.

Roger Owen Green said...

quarries seem so destructive to the environs.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Sylvia K said...

I've never lived near a quarry, but they do seem quite destructive to in environment. Great captures and info for the Q Day! Hope your week is going well!

ABC Team

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots.

Tina said...

Good pictures. Very interesting.