Sunday, 5 June 2011

Power to the People

Here we have a record cover from back in the time when you bought singles as vinyl rather than a download. Power to the People was John Lennon's fourth single with the Plastic Ono Band. Issued in March 1971 it spent 9 weeks in the charts, highest point number 7. Like 'Give Peace A Chance' John wrote this for people to sing. In the cover photo he is wearing a Japanese riot police helmet. Showing his revolutionary credentials.

An entry to Sunday Scans, a meme to resurrect the analogue.


Al said...

I remember singles, I have several of them still at home. One of the attractions was often the b-side, which was commonly not available on the LP. Thanks for the memories!

Beth Niquette said...

I remember singles--I also remember 78's. They were my Dad's vintage--grew up on big band numbers and 1930's music. LOL

A friend of mine has a juke box which plays singles. What a fabulous thing to have in one's home.

I love this scan. Just wonderful, and perfect for Sunday Scans!