Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fishing, Flags and Framlingham

Orford Quay, Suffolk
Fine fishing paraphernalia at Orford quay, looks like good teamwork and a lot of concentration is going on here. Meanwhile
Orford, Suffolk
the professionals have netted their fish and are flogging it at the fishing sheds. No high tides at the moment but
if there were they will be well protected from flooding with these footings.  Perhaps you wanted more than fish?  Then travel not too far away to the market town of
Framlingham.  This is the market square but on the day I visited it was not scenic with stalls but just parked cars, still the town sign is pretty. It shows the mere fed by the River Ore, the village pump, the post box (it is one of the oldest in the UK if you are thinking its a bit random), the castle and the 16th century church
Church of St Michael, Framlingham
which is famous for its organ, its ornate tombs and one of the rare wall paintings to survive the Reformations white paint but I did not take any of those pictures only its flowers and flint walls  
The town itself was en fĂȘte and festooned with flying flags of all nations for  the Olympics
Market Hill, Framlingham
 Yes I failed to take a picture of the historic postbox, or even see it, but here is a stand in. You can see I was taken with the flags but wished there were less cars and
more bicycles.

An entry to ABC Wednesday, a journey through the alphabet. 


VioletSky said...

If it isn't hydro wires, it is cars that get in the way of a good photo!
Still, it looks like a nice town to visit. And I want to see that first post box!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots of the city. This sure looks a calm place.

chubskulit said...

Cute fishermen!

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Roger Owen Green said...

love this FINE town

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Meryl said...

What a wonderful virtual "F" tour!!!

joanne said...

Thanx For the virtual tour! It was Fun (and very interesting)

KM said...

Indeed, it seemed like you had one fine day of fishing and fun :)

Here for ABC Wednesday.

Linnea said...

That's a really picturesque place; I'd love to go there with my camera! Thanks for stopping by.

Dave said...

Joy, I always enjoy seeing photos of the British countryside. Lovely thanks - Dave