Tuesday, 23 December 2014

X is for Aircraft

Inside the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford 'National Cold War Exhibition' hanger with the tail of XM598, a delta winged strategic bomber, the Avro Vulcan, whose RAF numbers all start with X so although I don't know which one the following photograph is of I can be assured I'm totally 'on theme'
Photo from Wikipedia of  a Vulcan flying  at an Air Fete of 1985
It looks like a giant moth from this angle although I'm not sure if any of them are still flying, perhaps only the XH588 might be which is owned by the "Vulcan to the Sky Trust" and on display at Robin Hood Airport.  
Here is the Cold War Exhibition hanger where XM598 is on display, taken from underneath a Hercules turboprop military transport plane.  .
whose propellers happily gives me another X.  You may be able to judge from the sky in the last two photographs that the RAF Cosford Museum was the perfect indoor destination for a day of inclement weather - four hangers, a shop and a cafĂ©, there was plenty to occupy us.

An entry to ABC Wednesday, a journey through the alphabet, this week sojourning at X here


Roger Owen Green said...

this is fun stuff!


Trubes said...

I find military aircraft most interesting, to think of the work they do and the brave crew that fly them is quite awesome.

Merry Christmas Joy,
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Gattina said...

Nice finding for X ! Merry Christmas !