Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Here is a narrow boat, winter ready, with logs piled up on its roof and moored on the northern reaches of the Shropshire Union Canal (affectionately known as The Shroppie) near Bunbury Locks.  I imagine with the logs burning on a cold winter's night the boat will live up to its name and everything will be 'wine and roses'.  My photograph was taken in December when it was muddy with rain rather than firm ground solid with ice and snow but we all know "as the days lengthen the cold strengthens"  so a supply of logs was a must in 2015, not to mention  the added warmth of the contents of the coal scuttle on the banking. 
By contrast this photograph was taken in June when it looks as though someone with forward planning had split a nice pile of logs to dry out in the sunshine on the Cumbrian coast

An entry to ABC Wednesday, a journey through the alphabet, this week sojouring at L here


Jane Hards Photography said...

It's been years since I barged. Lovely peaceful image for the letter this week.

Norma Ruttan said...

so, is this a home for someone? it is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love these canal boats. Logs were a great choice for the letter L and for some warmth!

Roger Owen Green said...

A nice, tidy stack!

Trubes said...

I am fascinated by canal barges and would love a holiday on one but husband isn't very keen, i.e. managing the locks and my mobility problems,,, so I guess it's a no then !
I love the smell of burning logs, never miss the opportunity to burn some on our open fire!

best wishes,
ABCW team.

carolann said...

A very nice photograph for your L entry.


Joy said...

Yes Norma this is a wonderful moveable home for someone, the traditional narrow boats tend to be the boat of choice for those desiring the way of life. I think (if I have the right boat)the owner was doing some casual work nearby laying hedges.

Powell River Books said...

We heat with wood. Having a nice stack for winter feels like money in the bank. - Margy

Ann said...

The barges I see carrying wood is never as pretty as this one.