Tuesday, 15 September 2015

John Laird Centre

I took this photograph some time ago for two reason, I love Victorian buildings and the added bonus was it started with the letter J and I knew it would could in handy for ABC Wednesday, however I kept forgetting my intent and diverted into other Js as the rounds past by but eventually it now makes an appearance.

This was originally the Laird School of Arts, the first public art school outside London, and the first ever purpose built college of art and science in England which opened in September 1871.  John Laird not only financed its construction but the also running costs and it was given to the town of Birkenhead.  Laird is most famous as part of the shipbuilding company Cammell Laird but he was also a great philanthropist and endowed many of the fine buildings in Birkenhead, would become its first mayor of and then retire from shipbuilding to become Birkenhead's first Member of Parliament.     

The school closed in 1979 and the building was purchased by Stanton Marine to use as their headquarters when it was extensively renovated and renamed The John Laird Centre.  Stanton Marine later became part of the British East India Company who now use the building as their headquarters which is rather appropriate, and perhaps the building has come full circle, because Cammell Laird built most of their ships in the 19th Century.

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Gigi Ann said...

Thanks for sharing that information. otherwise I never would have known about John Laird.

Melody Steenkamp said...

Wonderful photo and building... i love those kinds of buildings...they always tell stories of long historie and its always good to keep photographs at hand eventhough you've taken them some time ago

Have a nice anc-week/day
♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-w-team)

Rajesh said...

That is a great looking building.

Roger Owen Green said...

impressive structure!

Photo Cache said...

Handsome facade.


Ira said...

Quite Informative!

Gattina said...

Very interesting post ! Love the building !

ABC Team

Ann said...

The gold clock and columns make it very nice.

Leslie: said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to visit Manchester next time I'm over in the area.

abcw team

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