Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Rust on a Rural Road

Lets tootle along a rural road near Ulpha where most traffic will be turning left here to leave the Duddon Valley and
 carry on to Eskdale. The fingerpost is showing signs of its age with a slightly rusting pointer.  I like these old black and white fingerposts with their roundel tops which date from the 1930s.  This one has had some other signs tacked for the tourist unsure where they are going.  Quite a busy corner behind the wall with a mini electricity substation and a rusting hut. 
The small but pointy peak on the right is Cor (1735 ft /528m) which may be something one says when reaching the top.
Whistling Green, Ulpha
The red of Royal Mail is a familiar sight in the valley and on all rural road.

An entry to ABC Wednesday, a journey through the alphabet, this week sojourning at R here


Melody Steenkamp said...

Wonderful scenery's ..... lots of peace and quiet as it seems

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ <abc-w-team)

carol l mckenna said...

Delightful post and photos for R ~ love the countryside ~

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

photowannabe said...

I sure would like to travel down that RURAL ROAD.

Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE the composition of the largest pic!

Reader Wil said...

I love this kind of scenery and especially in the Lakedistrict. Thank you for sharing.
Wil, ABCW Team