Tuesday, 21 March 2017


The Koko Bongo dance and nightclub in Wakefield, the latest of a number of entertainment venues that have occupied this building which started life in a rather more staid manner being built for the Yorkshire Penny Bank.  The street is Kirkgate, a name of Norse origin common across the north of England (especially Yorkshire) meaning 'road to the church' and if to make the 'point' there is the spire to the right, the tallest structure in Wakefield, and as it happens the tallest spire in Yorkshire.
It belongs to Wakefield Cathedral whose limestone adds a lightness to the pretty, and recently renovated interior. Sorry no photographs but here is
Postbox WF1 224
the entrance with the added bonus of a King George V (1910-1936) post box.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring Water

The first day of Spring, mountain streams gushing down the fells and the River Duddon a raging torrent. Not like Wordsworth's description of a "pellucid river" at the moment in Dunnerdale.
The sluice gate on Tarn Beck, which once controlled the mill race for the carding mill at Seathwaite.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A trio of Js

I am sure these telegraph poles would be raised in a jiffy with the help of the JCB digger.  There was a strong smell of creosote on the air when I came close to take this photograph one Sunday when the workers were enjoying a justifiable rest.
Maybe they were enjoying their leisure in a garden although this photo of a jug on garden steps was taken in December, more the time of year to browse the seed catalogues.
Perhaps they walked to church in the spring sunshine, going through a door created by a joiner.  

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Ing, Inn and In

A late summer's day on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal with a narrow boat leaving St Ann's Ing Lock, which has the smallest rise on the canal of 4 foot and six inches so it must be one of the quickest locks to get through. Ing or ings means a meadow near a watercourse, the unsaid is that it is probably a very wet meadow.  This one is between canal and river.  I wondered about the St Ann connection but could find nothing but I know there many sacred spring wells named after her throughout the country. Perhaps she is associated with freshwater.
If you wanted more than freshwater then The Boathouse Inn might be just the place to imbibe something else.  I mentioned the nearby river.  What might be found there?
Well surprisingly a cat in a bath.  This is one of the sculptures on the River Aire Sculpture Trail.

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