Saturday, 6 October 2018

Galatea Comes to Life

Galatea (45699) took a trip down the Cumbrian coast at the end of September and we watched from Foxfield Station as it steamed round the estuary
then came into view as it approached the station bend
past Tony Sharp's Trailer yard and towards the crowd of steam enthusiasts, their numbers swelled by those that were attending the beer festival in the Prince of Wales nearby who also couldn't resist a steam loco.
Galatea thundered past.  The driver waved, we waved, and then passengers and spectators waved, the power of steam and history joining us together in a wave of pure joy.  Galatea the statue that came to life and a locomotive brought to life by the power of engineering.

Can't get enough of steam engines? Here are more photos of Galatea and some black and white photos of the Jubilee class taken in the 1960s

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