Sunday, 11 November 2018

Cease Fire

The bugle sounds on the 11 November 1918 for the cease fire and the end of The Great War.
Those that survived main question was 'what now' but it was time to live in the moment for this Canadian who had gathered blackberries from Bourlon Wood among the shattered trees. What better symbol than the blackberry  growing on its tangle of bramble branches in even the poorest soil and even in a land shattered by war.
Peace however was harder to find for although it came to western europe conflicts rumbled on in the east.  Some of the Canadian's comrades  lie at the end of the Avenue de Monument in the south-west corner of the village of Bourlon, lives never lived. The park is a series of terraces lined with ancient lime trees that were nursed back to heath after being shattered by the Battle for Bourlon wood. Nature survives us all.
Bourlon Canadian Memorial

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