Tuesday, 19 May 2009

ABC Wednesday - R

R is for Rain and Rivers

We British like rain, it gives us something to moan about. I once went on a cycle-camping trip to France, freewheeling off the ferry into warm sunshine. By the afternoon it was raining and it continued to rain off and on for the fortnight. Some days it was showery, for two days it was a deluge. Wet tent packed, wet tent pitched. Two days before we were due to return the sun came out and we dried out. It was one of the most enjoyable holidays I have had. Though that may be the wine talking.

The rain falls and trickles into Rivers. Early on in the year this river is quite full and the stepping stones on the River Esk are under water. Traps for the unwary, nice and slippy. This is cool clear running water.

But here at the estuary, Kirkby Pool river is making a sluggish journey to the sea.
Living on a small island we do not have the vast rivers such as the Amazon, or rivers that travel great distances, but here is the river that travels through London, The Thames. This is taken from the North Kent Marshes where Charles Dickens set his book 'Great Expectations', The oil terminal is across on the other side but the marshes are just the same as he describes them.
All rivers start in a small way, usually unnoticed, but this little dribble is the start of the Thur in Alsace, which gets a notice attached, and there is a rather nice seat by the side where you can gaze at the dribble, and the view down the valley.
When it reaches the town of Thann it has become rather more noticeable
In the summer when the water is low, a paddle is nice and refreshing, although I think the objective of these paddlers was another type of refreshment, at a riverside pub (The Aspinall Arms on the River Ribble).
Walking by river is always relaxing especially if you have brought a picnic, or you can use them as a guide to travel through valleys. At the end of a walk it is always nice to sit on a river bank. Here I am watching a Heron looking for tea. On my pocket camera you would just get an indistinct grey shape, so no picture of that bird, you get my feet instead. As usual I have got a little bit muddy.
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photowannabe said...

Perfect choices for the letter R. Our rain is finished for the season, instead we have had temps at 38.88 C. Very hot for this early.

Carol said...

These are great photos. The river and surroundings are beautiful.

Sylvia K said...

What fantastic and beautiful shots! Definitely great choices for R! What a lovely place!

Life with Kaishon said...

What a sensationally well thought out R! Great pictures to coorespond to the sentences. You always do such a fantastic job! I am so glad you participate!

Marie Reed said...

What a coincidence! I watched the Great Expectations BBC miniseries on youtube just two days ago! The scene transported me back to that delightful experience! I read the book ages ago and just ordered a new copy from Amazon...:)

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for the rainy rivers. We Dutch are also big complainers when it rains. That is a subject we all agree on.

Roger Owen Green said...

Music goes well with the pics.

Q said...

Your river story was delightful.
Thank you.

Tumblewords: said...

As always, I enjoyed my travel to your blog! Rain is falling here... Your photos are gorgeous!