Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ABC Wednesday - V

Oh look here is a sideways view of a V. Or perhaps it is a water skiing jump ramp, although best to veer away from it in this position by the banking, it is laid up for the season. In the summer it may be used by vacationing visitors when it will be at the other end of Hodbarrow Lagoon. At this time of year most of the visitors are wintering waterfowl and of course the locals stay year round

and are beautiful. It won't be long before this juvenile gets its white feathers When it was little mother would be very vexed if you came too near, now she lets them do their own thing. When tired of the lagoon walk over to
Hodbarrow Point, sit on the seat, perhaps have some victuals and enjoy the view across the Duddon Estuary.

Living on the coast and close to the Lake District means that water sports and messing about in boats are very popular pastimes. But sometimes you have to transport your equipment and may need some sort of vehicle
perhaps a van. What a fun paint job, notice the blue bars welded on the top. This was parked by a popular bay on the lake frequented by canoeists. It has a landing stage for larger boats although I have rarely seen one docked there and in the summer the main use is for children to run along it and jump off the end into the water. Bit too chilly at this time of year.
But now lets vacation or vacances in France. What a vivid blue sky and sign. You may be thinking to yourself. That's a bit of a boring picture. Well it serves two purposes, one by happy coincidence the bus stop is called Le Verger and two, I tend to take pictures of signs because being a procrastinator they act as a memory aid when I am vacillating and verify my volatile recall when I eventually label them.
Lastly, a photo taken because V is a tricky letter. I wonder who lives in a house like this?

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Sylvia K said...

Great post and terrific, fun photos for the day! We do have lots of fun, don't we? Love your Variety of shots!



Carolyn Ford said...

Wow! That is an amazing collection of "v" words and photos! I love the "vehicle."

Tumblewords: said...

A vivid journey through the V's. These are all lovely - I might be a bit partial to the 'wild' van! What fun.

Roger Owen Green said...

Rather partial to the VAN.

Spiderdama said...

Many V and great photos;-)

Paula Scott said...

I can always count on you for the variety of gorgeous shots and clever text! Don't know how you do it...

jabblog said...

Fabulous post - great fun and Very inVentiVe!