Monday, 14 December 2009

Sea Wall Lighthouses

A lovely day for a stroll on the Hodbarrow sea wall yesterday. Photo looking out to sea on the Duddon Estuary. Not on this picture, but to the north east of it. a shape was exciting a number of peoples attention, looking at first like a large ship but seen through binoculars it appeared to be a gas rig. There are large fields in the Morecambe Bay area so Centrica may be prospecting up here now.
But the title of this post is lighthouses so here is the first one, restored in recent times. The tilt is the lighthouses not mine, although I have taken a few unintentionally tilting objects in my time. The banking was built up to prevent further movement. I presume the lighthouse will be the same age as the sea wall (1905).
Walking up to the top of the sea wall to Hodbarrow Point and then turning to go along the old sea wall which is on the other side of the lagoon
and here is the old lighthouse. Not made of metal but
a sturdy brick build. This was constructed by the haematite mining company in 1866 to protect shipping in the estuary.

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