Friday, 25 June 2010

Levers Water

 Levers Water Reservoir with water level stick

The north west coast usually get a lot of rain, the weather comes across the Atlantic hits the mountains of the Lake District and down comes the deluge. This year the wind has not been coming from the west and the rain has dropped on the east coast of England.  The year, so far, has been the driest since 1929, many of the reservoirs have fallen to half their capacity, as you can see here.  There is now talk of hosepipe bans in the north west, a bit of an irony when November had record rainfalls and flooding in Cumbria. 
 Levers Water in its setting, lying at the height of 1,500 feet, just beyond is Coniston Water and further, in the haze, the Irish Sea.  A very pleasant place to sit in the sunshine and part of a popular waking route up to Coniston Old Man.  I wonder if we are going to get another summer like 1976 when the countryside turned a golden yellow in the heat.


jabblog said...

Well, I hope you get some rainfall, preferably in the wee small hours so that you wake up to that wonderful freshly-washed smell - but your photographs are SO beautiful. For a small island we do have some extraordinary rises and falls in the levels in our lakes, reservoirs and rivers . . .

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Today is already hot - the temperature on my window-sill is 50 centrigrade!! I have to keep the curtains closed until the sun moves round the side.