Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saturday Mix - Angles

 The newly painted Woolpack Inn, Eskdale

The daily weather board is a sight often seen in the Lake District valleys, useful to know what a day in the mountains is going to throw at you.  I could not get the black and white effect of weather board and window in the picture but I could if I tilted it, and rather liked the result.

This is my entry to Shannara's Saturday Mix photomeme whose theme this week is:  ANGLES


Shannara said...

Welcome to this weeks SaturdayMix!

I really like your picture, both the angle it's shot at and the angles in it. Perfect for the theme!

Avsändare Margareta said...

I like your angels but I have lost the word in english - läckert.

Avsändare Margareta said...

not angels =)

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

nice angle - this works sometimes as here

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting! Nice to have a new visitor. I have been quite a lot in England, Scotland and a little in Wales, but never in the lake district. Perhaps a good idea for a trip.
Very white and clean wall on your picture. We have a joke that children who lie a lot become either politicians or weather forecasters :). Usually I just accept the weather for what it is, you never know when the forecast changes.
Have a nice summer!

Joy said...

Thanks Shannara, interesting photomeme

Avsandare Margareta - Wouldn't it be nice if English spelling was logical:-)

Gerald - Thank you, nice surprise when it works.

Mariannlostinline - I like the liar joke, I will have to remember that one.