Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday Mix - Forgotten

Someone is missing her pretty little bag. Maybe she was going to a party dressed in a matching dress.  But here it is hanging on some farm fencing, forgotten.  Another person walking down this lane in the Black Mountains must have come across it and put it here hoping the little girl was going to come back and find it. There is always something poignant about small items lost by a child and put out of harms way on a windowsill, seat or fence by a passing stranger.

This is my entry to Shannara's Saturday Mix photomeme whose theme this week is Forgotten or Bortglömd 


BP said...

An absolutely lovely pic especially as I love rusty things of all kinds - including fences. The contrast to the little bag is great.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I hade a quick glance at your other blog and it's absolutely great. The red postbox...
I've been to England many times but never to Wales, well one more thing to put on my to do list.

Shannara said...

That picture is just perfect for the theme! At first I was thinking about publishing a shoe standing in the forest, but I changed my mind. =)

I love your pic!

Thanks for participating!

@nemonen said...

Lovely photo endeed. Suitable for this theme. Love it!

jabblog said...

You're right about children's lost items - the saddest are the cuddly toys.