Monday, 27 September 2010

Distant Clouds and Sunshine

Sheep, cloud watching on Steel Fell
When we walked up Steel Fell there was just a fluff of cloud on the tops of the Fairfield Horseshoe which we thought would blow away in the strong wind. It was a cloud of determination for it just deepened and stayed all day.
 Helm Crag looking towards Grasmere
How lucky that we had decided on a walk from Steel Fell round the ridge to Helm Crag which was bathed in sunshine all day.  There are patches of peat on the top of both fells ranging from loamy to waterlogged. My companion, the Mudhound, found  the soggy version on Steel Fell when jumping off a stone to go up a banking and land in deep bog.  Once one leg went in, the there was no choice, the other had to follow.  He is always a useful person to send first for if there is mud he will seek it out, so I don't have to, and take an alternative route.   
Still slightly soggy but drying in the sun. The ridge to Helm Crag is a popular route so there are stones across the worst bits, you just take your chance on Steel fell where there is not such luxury and it is unusual to see more than a couple of people even in high summer.
High Raven Crag and Grasmere below.

The bracken is almost all brown now with just a little remnant of green, coming down from Helm Crag and look back up Far Easdale and the ridge.
To Grasmere calling  in at the Travellers Rest to sit in the sunshine and admire their Virginia Creeper.


jabblog said...

The colours are changing everywhere and from your high vantage points the countryside paints beautiful pictures.

mrsnesbitt said...

The sun shines everywhere except the North East coast! We will have to have a little tootle over one Sunday - Ingleton I think is next for a cuppa!