Saturday, 18 September 2010

Golden Tatton Park

The winds of Autumn and the turning of the leaves start slowly.  A single golden tree stands surrounded by green. Its top branches are bare for there have been strong winds this week.  Today at Tatton Park there was only an intermittent breeze.
Deer keeping a wary eye on photographers as they enjoy the early evening sun.  There has been a deer park here since 1290, created by Royal Charter.  The herds roam the 1,000 acre park and later in the Autumn the stags with their impressive antlers will begin to round up the females and so begins the rutting season.  The stag announces his superiority over other males by bellowing and roaring. If this does not keep away his rivals then there will be clashes of antlers.  However all that will not start until October so all is quiet. 


jabblog said...

Beautiful pastoral photos.

mrsnesbitt said...

Yes - Autumn is here!