Tuesday, 30 November 2010

ABC Wednesday - Tatton Biennial

Remodelled in the neoclassical style between 1780-1813 Tatton Park Mansion sits at the centre of gardens and a deer park and is viewed here from the Italian garden.  Owned by the Egerton family, when the last of the line, Maurice, died in 1958 he left the estate to the National Trust which means the lands and house can be enjoyed by all.

In 2010 Tatton Park staged its second Biennial of contemporary art commissioning 20 artists to create new works on the theme 'Framing Identity'.
and Marcia Farquhar located 'The Horse is a Noble Animal' on the Big Lawn.  On 5 days she rode this
thoroughbred life size rocking horse, talking about the role of the horse in the English psyche.  To continue the mammal theme
part of Helen Master inversion of monumental sculpture with the Egerton lion facing a meaningless billboard (not in view), the shifting ownership of Tatton Park. Whatever the philosophical idea it was a popular place for having a picture taken, and maybe possibly proved the artists concept of change and hierarchy.
Jem Finer's Spiegelei which was a camera obscura, inside the hut a 360° upside-down vision of the Japanese Garden. I preferred the view from the outside, almost like an alien observer or perhaps the ball from The Prisoner (if you are old enough to go back to the Patrick McGoohan series). The two people sitting outside make the view complete. Are they being taken over by rays pulsating out.
Look out its by the Golden Brook.

Wonder if its been here an exploded tree house.. Fiona Curran's 'This time next year things are going to be different', an abstract collapsing tree house which explored the idea of sustainability 

Plastique Fantastique, this part had not collapsed, other bits had.   Ring or should I say toll the bell, time to go.

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Sylvia K said...

What a great park! I love the rocking horse! A fun post for the T Day! Your photos are terrific! Enjoy your week -- what's left of it!


Rajesh said...

Beautiful park with amazing structures.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do wish I saw all the sculptures. Looks like great fun and a wonderful choice for T.

ABC Wednesday Team

Roger Owen Green said...

love the horse, but the ball doesn't seem to fit.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: said...

Interesting, interesting. Wonderful T post!

Paula Scott said...

Yes, very interesting post! We need more public art everywhere and this is a great testimony as to why!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful park and artistic designs. Great for T day.

Cildemer said...

An interesting and wonderful T day post!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics;o)

Have a nice weekend****