Saturday, 6 November 2010

Autum in the City

What turned out to be a wet day in Preston. Here at the Portland stone cenotaph by the Harris Art Gallery and Museum in Market Square.  A soldier at the railway station collecting for the British Legion with his tray of poppies no doubt will be here in  this square for Remembrance Sunday.   
Greenhalgh's bakery shop had an extensive, and mouthwatering, display covering both seasons of winter and autumn, witches and ghosts, and the mince pies on the left:  Of course any self respecting Lancashire bakery would have to display Eccles cakes (on the right). Or are they Chorley cakes, the same thing but with no sugar topping, flatter and made of shortcrust rather than flaky pastry. No time to stop, we were heading for the Mystery Tea House café and their cakes with a choice of  seventy different teas and what seem to be the same number of different types of fascinating tea pots.

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EG Wow said...

Your photos capture autumn well! Dark and wet. LOL I bet the cyclist arrived a tad soggy at his destination.