Friday, 8 April 2011

Fair Daffodils

 Near Endmoor, Kendal
This years daffodils seem to be holding up rather well. An icy winter with lots of snow must be just the thing to make them thrive.
And they are everywhere. River banks, country lanes, woods and gardens. Soon will come the next chapter of Spring as they disappear to pour their strength into next years bulbs.
Wood anemones, amongst the wild garlic, with a sprinkling of celandines, a spring salad.  But only one of those things is edible.  


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Seriously jealous! (NO daffodills in Florida -- too hot -- we had them in Oregon when we lived there -- but when we go back to visit now it's always too late.

Cildemer said...

Beautiful series! Love the first shot!

EG Wow said...

I think daffodils do like cold winters. I'm jealous of two things: they are blooming already and they seem to be wild. :)