Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ABC Wednesday - Peregrination

For the perfect peregrination sometimes a little effort is required, gets the heart palpitating when winding
for water filling up the lock, two barges parked in parallel
but lots of other mechanical things to do while the pooch is patrolling along the top, meanwhile the driver
is relaxing having a powwow with a fellow peripatetic bargee on their rise up to the next part of the Chester Canal
The gates open and the journey continues. This canal has lots of possible destinations because it is is part of the Shropshire Union Canal, and as its name implies it is a union of many.  We walked a small stretch at the weekend and
on the way back another two barges were going the other way.  The Lock Keepers cottage (c1800) is a listed building, including its walled yard and privy which used to drain into the sluice-way under the house. Happily the latter aspect is not listed, modern plumbing rules.
 The object of our peregrination was to walk around the medieval walls of the city of Chester , our entry point being by the side of this dovecote which was in possession of pigeons who suddenly flew into the air as I snapped my photograph.

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VioletSky said...

postively delightful!

Roger Owen Green said...

a wonderful trip, it appears
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, what a super post!
My best friend and her British-born husband left the Gulf Islands of BC this year and have retired in a narrowboat that looks very much like the blue one you showed here.
And I'll never forget visiting the walled city of Chester with my parents and brothers and sisters-in-law.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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jabblog said...

Beautiful shots on what was obviously a really lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how much I love this entry. What a great place it must be !
Please have a good new month.

daily athens photo

Rajesh said...

Wonderful choice of words and images.

Tumblewords: said...

How exciting! Love the photos and the perfect patter of p-words.

Leslie: said...

I saw lots of these barges floating around the canals in England and friends who live there have had a few holidays like that. Must be fun as it's apparently ver popular! I'd love to try it.

abcw team

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This looks like a relaxing way to travel. Hope you got off the boat to enjoy Chester.

Jo Bryant said...

what a trip - wonderful

Meryl said...

That looked like a very cool trip!

☆•.¸.Mildred.¸.•☆ said...

A very Pleasing Peregrination!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots;o)

Hope you are having a nice and happy week***

chubskulit said...

Perfect PICK for P! Late visiting from ABC Wednesday!

Hand and Foot Prints is my P, please come and see.

Andy said...

Love your photos. Looks like you had a fun trip.

Perfect post!
Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate it.

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