Tuesday, 29 November 2011

ABC Wednesday - Tarn Hows

Looking back to a warm sunny day in September (unlike today when the wind and rain rattles outside) we headed for the tranquillity of Tarn Hows. This is a place I often visit but always tacked on to a longer walk so have never parked nearby. Events earlier on the summer when I broke my leg meant I was still on one crutch so a nice easy stroll round the tarns would be ideal.  Parking at one of the little car parks out of sight of the objective a choice of two paths, one leading over a pretty little bridge. Over the bridge is the way I said confidently. 
We gradually walked up hill past waterfalls, then it got steeper
oh yes we had gone up Tom Ghyll so a certain amount of being hauled up rocks now took place but I did discover that a crutch is ideal for crossing streams.
Our objective reached we joined 
the families walking,
dogs paddling
and those just sitting an enjoying the day.  I did some of that too. We then took the gentle route
back to the car, my self appointed fitness trainer (well someone has to do it)  leading the way.

ABC Wednesday, a journey from A to B with this week lots of words starting with T here


Roger Owen Green said...

beautiful, esp the waterfalls
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

jane said...

We were close to Tarn Hows a few weeks back - we passed by on a walk that took us through the woods and back alongside Lake Windermere - we were able to gaze across to Tarn Hows - beautiful - Jane

Tumblewords: said...

How beautiful! Thanks for leading me along!

photowannabe said...

A lovely place to get your strength back.

Paula Scott said...

I am convinced that you live in paradise-every week you take us somewhere breathtakingly beautiful!

Jane and Chris said...

What a gorgeous place.
Jane x

Kathy said...

Such a beautiful lake. I'd like to take a walk around it too someday.

Meryl said...

Great shots. I'd visit there as often as I could too!

Jo Bryant said...

a beautiful place - I can understand how you would be drawn to it