Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Clock This

One clock tower and two times but both correct.  One is reading the sun and the actual time, the other having done its 'spring forward' an hour is showing Summer Time.  The clock dates from 1856 and was made by one of the great clock makers of England, Potts of Leeds. The mechanism was designed by Edmund Beckett (later Lord Grimthorpe) who was also responsible for the rather more famous mechanism that chimes Big Ben in London.
But this particular clock is on the All Saints Church in the market town of Bingley, West Yorkshire. It is thought that a church has stood on this spot since Saxon times but the present gritstone building dates from the Tudor period (15th/16th Century). The tower was added later but then heightened with a new belfry in 1739.  The interior has also been altered through the years but other alterations are going to happen outside in the near future. 
The memorial stones that make up the path to the church (the inscriptions don't show up well in my photograph) are due to go because of health and safety concerns as they get very slippy in wet weather and there have been a number of falls.  I wondered why they were there and discovered that their original place was in the churchyard which was closed in 1904 when a main road was built through it to the east of the church.  There are 145 stones, some on this path 
others surround the church and the steps to the left of this photograph form a layered patio area.
Photo from: All Saints Bingley website
which the church's website shows in appropriately wet weather.  It has not been decided where the old gravestones are going, one idea was to put some in the nearby rose garden which needs some TLC and the rest to be relocated to the municipal cemetery.  In the meantime when work does eventually start they will be put into storage until their ultimate destination is decided but the question is are there really only 145 slabs or as the lawyer that was dealing with the planning application mentioned they may be layered.  A plan of the 145 stones and those inscriptions that could be read have been transcribed and the information put on the church's  website. for the growing number of genealogists.

Here is the Bingley clock mechanism in motion.  Beware for the gentle and mesmerising ticking will change into a startling cacophony as the clock strikes or maybe it was because I had my computer sound on maximum by mistake. I love a chiming clock.

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Rajesh said...

That is a very unique clock tower with two correct timings.

photowannabe said...

Fascinating history.
I do love old clocks, especially in towers .

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful post and photos for C ~ love vintage clocks and churches

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

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Great choice for C.


Melody Steenkamp said...

good choice indeed and lovely photo's to go with it

Have a nice ABC-W-Day / - week
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Hildred said...

Lovely post,- loved the sound of the clock chimes.

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Great clocks and interesting description!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

That's a beautiful church, and the history of the clocks is fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the clock's mechanism too, but appreciated your warning regarding the clock striking. Thanks for your visit and blessings!

Roger Owen Green said...

It's about TIME I made it to your lovely post


manali - himachal pradesh said...

Beautiful architectural work.