Sunday, 1 January 2017

No Giant Pylons

Image from:   Power without Pylons
To protest against the imposition of giant pylons along the coast of Cumbria from the proposed nuclear power plant at Sellafield (or Moorside as they are calling it now) a New Year's Day Walk protest took place through the beautiful scenery of the Duddon Valley
with walkers coming from Broughton in one direction and Askam in the other.  Here is the crowd coming from Broughton
on a beautiful sunny morning.
The long line stopping at various points to keep everyone together.
Eventually all protestors met up in Kirkby in Furness, at a guess there must have been about 200, not a bad for those who had been revelers the previous night.
and the local MP John Woodcock addressed the crowd (always useful to have a small child hold a banner). As he said the county is hosting nuclear power so the National Grid's social contract with the local inhabitants should involve not destroying the landscape of the place they live. He didn't mention the health aspect of high voltage lines running next to houses.

To join the protest and for more information see the Power Without Pylons site here

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