Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Hall Dunnerdale

I parked by what must be the only patch of municipal land in Hall Dunnerdale because all the electric and telephone communications boxes have been set up here at the crossroads.  The phone box has no door and has done so for many years so one could say it is easy access, essential when the mobile signal around here is zilch. I wondered what the stone with the round  metal ring is for and why it is resting on a palet?  It will remain a mystery. With shortage of space the post office has been creative with the post box location because it is in the middle of Hall Dunnerdale Bridge in the background. 
once a county boundary between Westmorland and Lancashire before they moved the administrative borders in the 1970s but it is still a parish boundary.  Time to journey on
and follow the signpost.

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Hildred said...

Is this the extent of Hall Dunnerdale, or just the entrance to....Love the post box..

DeeDee said...

Lovely pictures

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ABC Wednesday said...

never heard of it but it looks lovely.

Hope you've had a nice trip.

Have a wonderful ABC-wednesday / -week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ abc-w-team

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful place and photos for D ~ gorgeous ~ ^_^

A Shutterbug Explores aka A Creative Harbor ~ New design ^_^

ps. I have a Mini too ~ love it!

Roger Owen Green said...

love those red phone booths!


Joy said...

This is the road down the Duddon valley Hildred, a valley which consists of farms and scattered hamlets of which Hall Dunnerdale is one.

Betty said...

That thing on the pallet looks like it's been there for quite a while. That is a mystery.