Tuesday, 7 July 2009

ABC Wednesday - Y

Y is for Yellow

I had almost decided on my word when I chanced on the above, beside a shed, near to rural railway station on Sunday. The ABC Pixie must have led me there. I leaned as far as I could over the gate and, click. I knew what my post would be.

There are lots of songs with the word yellow. What about some trippy, summer pop and a cartoon.

Nature is full of every shade of yellow; birds, insects, flowers and leaves. There is always a yellow flower open at some time of the year. I think I will just show a few more, one from the month of June
and one from September. This is a Yellow Horned-Poppy which likes to grow in waste places and in sea shingle. This one is covering both habitats by being in a waste place by the sea shore.
Where you may find yellow signs such as this showing the 163 mile walk of the Saxon Coastal Way named after the Roman fortifications on the south coast to counter the Saxon raids. The Saxons did not let that stop them.
Yellow signs denote footpaths, blue are bridleways. You get the lot on this post. I had a choice sign and post, or foxgloves and post. Well I had to go with the foxgloves, which as you see are just coming to the end of their flowering season.
Another yellow footpath sign but this is a Club Vosgien sign in France. This is a voluntary organisation that looks after 10,000 miles of footpaths in the Alsace-Lorraine region. It is only by chance this is a yellow sign. There are all sorts of colour combinations and also circles, stripes and triangles for different routes and paths - marvelous, you are are in footpath heaven.
We might as well stay in France because this is the first week of one of the great sporting events of the year - the Tour de France. There will be excitement, surprises, rows, crashes, teams pulling together, individuals going for glory. The great prize is the maillot jaune, the yellow jersey of the overall winner for the lowest accumulated time. As you see I have got my poster to map the day to day winners. And yes I have the hats and t-shirts as well, but not this year, yet.
At the moment the Yellow Jersey is held by Fabian Cancellara but by only one second, Lance Armstrong in his come back Tour is right behind him. Wednesday's race is a 166 km flat stage from Le Cap d'Adge to Perpignan The first week are the flat stages so everything will change as the mountains are reached next week.

This ivy leaf has only a little bit of yellow round the edges and is mostly green. That's the jersey us Brits are watching as Mark Cavendish from the Isle of Man is holding the Green Jersey, the race within a race for the sprinters. And boy is Cav fast. The question is can he last the three weeks.
We've had sport so what about books. There were the 'Yellow Back' books of the Victorian era which were cheap novels of the sensational kind developed to compete with the 'penny dreadfuls' and sold in railways stations to attract new readers. The reason for the name was the yellow board bindings. I wonder what they considered sensational? Thought I would see how many yellow backed books I had.
What a lot of yellow there is around us. Shop signs, bollards, double yellow lines, Yellow pages, For Sale signs, Supermarket signs and that yellow sun shines down on it all. I think I've got a little obsessed. Time to lie down.

Yes yomp around to ABC Wednesday and see more interpretations of the letter Y


photowannabe said...

Well Joy you did it again. Lots of Y for yellow. Very interesting.

Hildred and Charles said...

Wonderful photos, and a toe tapping song to boot. Thanks for a great post.

Roger Owen Green said...

The yellow works best out of those otherwise dreary backgrounds.

Oh, and I'm a big Donovan fan.

Marie Reed said...

I had just a ball listening to this song and scrolling through all of these fun yellow shots! They call me mellow yellow....

Q said...

Thank you!
I am a yellow girl. My front door is painted yellow....as is the back.
I also love the song!

Carol said...

Great yellow shots, and a great song...I'll be singing that all day!

Irene Toh said...

I love that first pic best..