Monday, 6 July 2009

Kirkby Moor

Started off in the afternoon at the Kirkby railway station, up the lane and through fields of long grass, and over all the variety of stiles imaginable. Eventually gained height and on to Kirby Moor, turning to look back over the Duddon Estuary dominated by Black Combe. The bracken is at its height but the tracks are easy to follow. As we headed further uphill towards the stream we were accompanied by the 'tsak tsak' call of the Stonechats. Beautiful birds with a delicate colouring.

Head up the valley and over the hill keeping to a narrow track which widens and comes out onto the the old slate road. (This is where horse drawn wagons carried slate from the quarries down to Ulverston to be loaded onto boats).
A pleasant lane full of wildflowers and grasses. Looking towards Ulverston on the above photograph, you can just make out the white of Hoad monument, to the left, with its scaffolding on as it undergoes a makeover. Further down the lane, and towards Rathvale where, after a patch of woodland we are once more on open moorland with delightful views. The day which was warm and sunny started to threaten rain as we made our way down a steep sided valley but it turned out to be only a shower. By now we were on our way to Beckside and back to Kirkby so were not bothered about getting wet.

Looking towards Coniston and the fells, here are the clouds gathering.

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