Monday, 27 July 2009

Balloon Malfunction

The Raiderettes were entrusted to launch the balloon raffle at half time but I don't know if anyone had given them instructions. They were collection raffle money near me and one said "that's it we will have to get on quick or else we will not have time to dance". Haste would not be an issue. Separating balloons with a quick pull was. Time ticking away before the teams were due out and desperately trying to separate the balloons they eventually gave up and launched, a few separating, but the rest still in their bundles.
Too late to dance, they disconsolately walked off as the cheery balloons floated away. The balloons will travel further together, maybe they will end up near you.

The match was entertaining as well with our new half back,signed from Oldham, James Coyle running in four trys, the two wingers taking five between them. End result Barrow Raiders 74 - Leigh Centurions 6. A good start for the new coach, Steve Deakin. Our optimism returns after the recent loosing streak.