Monday, 10 August 2009

The Prince Run In the Points

Sunday's local celebration of cricket that is the Jimmy Hull Trophy knock out. A short form of cricket which is 7 players a team and limited runs per player. The teams, as in the best of traditions, are from the local pubs. Here is my local the Prince of Wales, having reached the semi finals, fielding and the Old Kings Head trying to make a decent score. Black Combe, cloud coming in, is in the background.
The latest recruit to play for the Prince getting the score running in the right direction.
The score board ticking nicely away, while the crowd took full advantage of the bar and barbecue. The Prince win but the team to be met in the final is the favorite to win - The Blacksmiths Arms. Some good bowling and the Prince had 77 to beat, a gettable target.
4 runs to go and 5 wickets down. End result 81 for 5. Hurray. Much celebration, and the trophy won. Linda will enjoy polishing it to gleam in the trophy cupboard. It does however have a cricket ball shaped dent in it which it gained on this day. Everyone agreed this adds a touch of authenticity to the trophy.

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