Monday, 24 August 2009

Meandering in the Midlands

Update: The man who knows calls me foolish this car is of course a Buick Straight 8

A very relaxing wedding celebration at the weekend. Here is the old Dodge car that transported the bridge and groom. It was in immaculate condition and had those bonnie and clyde type running boards. We followed it most of the way from Worcester because we had no idea where we were going. "The Cottage in the Woods" was the destination, however the Dodge was built for the wide open spaces and long roads, so it took a slightly different route into the venue than the twisty lane we followed.
The bride and groom with the view over the valley from this Malvern hill. After afternoon tea with lovely buttered scones, cream and jam we were heading for the party night.
On the Pride of the Midlands. Doesn't look as though it would hold 83 people, but it did with ease, on both the upper and lower decks.
Set sail down the River Severn. This spire dominates the skyline but the church it was attached to, St Andrews, no longer exists as it was demolished in 1949. Known locally as the Glover's Needle (Worcester was at one time a major glove making centre).
Worcester Cathedral & Bridge
As we sailed under the bridges the lights were coming on as the sun was setting. We floated down the river and the swans paddled along beside us. The sun set without a glow but along the riverside were dots of fires. The people sitting by the fires flashed their torches and shouted hellos as they sat taking in the summer night on the banking. The music played on, and eventually under the stary sky at midnight we returned and docked.

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