Tuesday, 10 November 2009

ABC Wednesday - Quay

Oh does that look like a Q? Of course it does, especially if you are looking at it with ABC Wednesday eyes. And what luck it is also on a Quay. Tie your boat here after sailing on Coniston Water in the Lake District.

Bigger boats require
something more sturdier. The ferry tying up on the St Malo quay after a rather choppy, possible queasy, crossing of the English Channel, or La Manche (the sleeve) if you are looking at it from the French side.
Then there are the calmer waters (on this particular day), of Bantry Bay in the beautiful south east of Ireland. These fishing vessels are tied up on the Bantry quay. The area is famous for its blue mussels, filter feeders, living in intertidal areas and filtering 10-15 gallons of seawater a day. They in turn are eaten by the tourists dining in the Bantry restaurants, but I chose a cheese and onion flan for preference.
Possibly less sustainable fishing here. Fishing trawlers from many countries, as far as the eye can see, docked on the Ijmulden quay in the Netherlands.
Honfleur, Normandy, France

From working vessels to people enjoying their leisure. This is a scanned photo; I was trying to work out when I had taken it, (having found in an envelope of unrelated pictures) by looking at the clothes. Not too many clues apart from tight shorts. I've narrowed it down to the 20th century.
Zebu, Albert Dock, Liverpool
The last quay so board the quarterdeck, raise our glasses and Splice the mainbrace

Quick for Quality Qs go to the ABC Wednesday meme hosted by Mrs Nesbitt.


Sylvia K said...

A fun and watery post, Joy! Terrific shots and very interesting information about quays! Looks like fun to me!



photowannabe said...

Very, very original word for the letter Q. Love the Q for anchoring the boat too. Nice post.

Hildred and Charles said...

Like your first shot especially. A very nice boating post and your Q's a fine choice. It's a quirky letter!

Roger Owen Green said...

The quay even looks a little like a Q. Your quest for Q was successful.

Tumblewords: said...

Beautiful photos. I think that you've narrowed the date of the scanned photo to the 20th century is very good. :) Nice post.

Paula Scott said...

Fishing trawlers make my blood boil! How it must make you crazy to seem them here.
Thank you for the quay, though! That's not a word I think of at all.Perhaps now I will!

S said...

I love reading about water no matter what letter of the alphabet is highlighted. Great photos.
Please drop by for a friendly visit to my writing & photography blog.

Jay said...

Very interesting post. I had no idea that 'splice the mainbrace' had been adopted as a euphemism for issuing drinks all round! LOL!

Carol said...

Beautiful coastal shots! I esp like the first shot.and it does look like a Q. That scanned photo is interesting.

jabblog said...

Oh what a gorgeous, informative post - wonderful information and evocative photographs.

Ann said...

They are sprucing the quay up for Queen Mary to dock?

I think there are a lot of Queen Victoria statues. We are still loyal subjects.

Thanks for visiting.

Spiderdama said...

Beautiful photos and great Q;-)

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

well well - we bought a rug when we were in Bantry - nearly ten years now - still got it.

Amy said...

Just returned from a trip and am catching up on the "p's" and "q's" - I loved your q's - I feel like I've taken a voyage and have seen your world first hand. Thank you!

Trubes said...

Good post and photo's yet again Joy, particularly featuring the ship in The Albert Dock in Liverpool!
Did you manage to get to see HMS Illustrious, when it visited Liverpool at the end of October?
There is an article and photo's published about it, at The Liverpool Daily Post's site should you wish to read about it.


Q said...

A very fun q post. I am so far behind....
at least I made it over before R!
Happy ABC Wednesday.