Monday, 17 May 2010

The Wirral in Black & White

Despite the airports on the west coast being closed because of volcanic dust the last few days have been full of blue skies. A perfect weekend to head south to visit Al and Claire on the Wirral peninsula, Merseyside. One of the things that struck me when downloading my photographs was I seem to have a superabundance of black and white images, in fact I could have had may camera on a black and white setting.  Not really, I cannot resist a blue sky background.
  The pub at the far end of Parkgate looking over the Dee Estuary.  In the last century this are was a popular seaside resort but over time the shoreline silted up until it became marshgrass and now a wonderful place for birds rather than people.
It is still a popular place for its famous ice cream, eating, drinking and a wander along the front. A view of the Ship Inn and Mostyn House School.
Further inland at Willaston, do you notice a theme, another pub you can sit outside and take in the sunshine. This  building is from 1745 but altered in the early 20th century. The centre round the village green is of 17th and 18th century farm houses which is a typical medieval fashion dating from when farmland would have been held as strips in communal fields.  A very quaint place.
Leaving the peninsula a visit to Chester, also full of pretty black and white building, and shoppers.
Who  then relaxed and chilled out in the park.
Time to admire the Horse Chestnut trees in flower
Catch a view of a grey squirrel having a nibble. But not everything was black, white or grey
for our weekend was also shared with a chocolate brown Labrador.

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