Monday, 3 May 2010

Three Bs in May - Bluebells, Bee & Book

The season is still two weeks behind so as we walked through the woods around Cark and Cartmel most of the bluebells were staying tight shut. The banking near The Hill basks in the sun all day (when it is out) so they are always the first to appear and so our 'bluebell walk' was not in vain as these
were new and blue.  The lanes are lined with dandelions which are always a wonderful sight before they turn to dandelion clocks and plague the gardener but do not pull them out too soon for 
A bee Blending In.
 they are an important early season source of nectar and pollen for bees. 
As we approached the little footbridge over the stream near Burns Farm here was our surprise of the day, in the hollow of the old tree a poetry book in a bin.  No explanation but if the day had been warmer we could have sat on the bridge and read a few into the air.  Perhaps next time we pass and it if it is still there another one could be added.  The words that came into my head on finding this were those of the landscape poet John Clare
"I found the poems in the fields
And only wrote them down"

Only floating around his head though probably not a thumping big volume of them.  For more John Clare see the seasonal John Clare blog.


jabblog said...

The hazy blue of a carpet of bluebells never fails to lift my spirits.I like the book idea.

Joy said...

I too love the hazy blue and the overwhelming sweet smell. Fingers crossed for the coming weeks