Monday, 24 May 2010

Town & Country

Travelling to Lancaster by train I cracked open 'The Good Husband of Zebra Drive' to settle down to the journey and then realised that I knew the end, it was one of the episodes the BBC made of  McCall Smith's books. No matter, this series set in a bucolic Botswana where there might be a few deaths and matters to be investigated but ultimately nothing bad is going to happen, a cosy read and a pleasant way to pass a journey.

This weekend has had some wonderfully hot weather so after visiting the town we headed for the canal and then to Williamson Park whose view from the first photo is over the town.

But the best way to spend days with glorious blue skies is either by the beach or a river
so back to home ground and a walk over to the Eskdale Valley. The water by Doctor Bridge was very inviting and the crowds were out by the Duddon and the Esk.  Well when I say crowds I really mean a couple of dozen people.
After an unusually dry May the River Esk is quite low but the gorse
and broom are in full yellowy blaze.
And the lambs, well I never can resist a picture of them. They always lamb late in this valley because of its hight above sea level.


jabblog said...

Just beautiful! The photo of the bridge over the stream is quite lovely, but then, just about everywhere you point your camera is wonderful :-)

Rinkly Rimes said...

A lovely trip around your environs, plus glorious reflections ans happy children. Who could ask for more?