Monday, 26 April 2010

By The River

Kendal's Miller Bridge spanning the River Kent  In April 1818 the Lancaster Canal Committee asked Francis Webster to submit plans for a replacement bridge here.  The plans were accepted and within the year he had contracted the builders and the three arched dressed stone bridge was complete.  They have been digging up the road and then fiddling around with stone sets in the  main shopping street in Barrow for longer than that time span.  If only it was possible to time warp a few Victorian in to help them finish the job.
But returning to the peace of the River Kent where the trees are springing into life.  It was a pleasant stroll by the riverside,

and calling in at the Abbot Hall art gallery where the Barbara Hepworth ovals, Trezion, stands between it and the Kendal Museum of Lakeland Life. I liked the contrast between of this form and the old Parish Church in the background.

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Johnny Nutcase said...

i love those buildings! great pictures and post :)