Tuesday, 6 April 2010

ABC Wednesday - Lime

Lime Street Station takes you right into the heart of Liverpool, this is the station I usually arrive at after travelling down the north west railway line.  The crane and boarding give the clue that the surroundings are still undergoing a major reconstruction.

Lime Street is a mainline station and is still covered by the iron and glass roofs dating from the 1880s. The first part of the roof was constructed in 1849 and was a bargain at £15,000.

 Photo by Chris McKenna (Creative Commons)
Here is a view of the roof taken from platform six from where you walk outside into

Lime Street. The Empire Theatre, Lime Street on the right, part of the huge St Georges Hall on the left. In the background the Walker Art Gallery. The horse rider is Albert, consort to Queen Victoria who gave her name to a whole era, she was on the throne for so long and through a time of great change.

Lets move out of the city and back to my home ground and the valleys of Lakeland where lichen grows in profusion and in many colours

including this colourful lime green.  I could gaze at this all day but

the local sheep were more interested in lunch.  I think I might have some

chocolate-limes instead, sheep lick not being my thing. 

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Sylvia K said...

What an interesting and colorful post for the L day! I did enjoy your tour, the history and oooohhh the chocolate limes!! Hope your week is going well!


Anna said...

My L post was about Liverpool too but I did not end up in the beautiful Lake District. Enjoyed your post :)

Leslie: said...

What an interesting story...I still haven't visited Liverpool, but absolutely MUST one day since my paternal grandfather was from there. :D

Manang Kim said...

Wow as if I am also in tour, you've got great info here. The rural scenery is just very serene love it. Thanks for sharing!

ABC Wednesday~L

Greyscale Territory said...

A most entertaining walk in your world through the eyes of "L"! Fascinating iron and glass dome!

jabblog said...

Lime Street station reminds me of St Pancras station in London. They are of a similar age.
Love the lichen!

Tumblewords: said...

Wonderful L's. Lichen and chocolate-limes - lovely!

Hildred and Charles said...

Wonderful L's and beautiful photos. I love English railway stations, - despite all the bustle and hurry I find them quite romantic.

photowannabe said...

Gorgeous glass roofs and chocolate limes sounds fascinating to me.

belladana said...

I love train stations! Thanks for the Liverpool tour.

Roger Owen Green said...

Blimey, I loved the Lime Street info.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!- Ramblin' with Roger

Jay said...

Oooh! Chocolate limes! I used to love those things!

I've never been to Liverpool, but I think one day perhaps I'd like to. I grew up thinking anything 'up north' was black with grime from industry and ugly and overcrowded, but of course this was only the distorted view I'd acquired through learning about the intensive industry that used to prevail, and now I know that the area is in fact even more beautiful than where I grew up! Funny old world, innit? LOL!

Joy said...

How lovely, we all share a love of chocolate limes and train stations.

I seem to remember Lime Street was modelled after one of the London stations, so Jabblog your St Pancras is spot on.

I can recommend a visit to Liverpool not only for its wonderful building but its people. Your grandfather trod a well worn path from the port of Liverpool to the Americas Leslie, in fact there is a statue called the emigrants on the dockside.

Aye its Grim up north Jay, hope you can do the accent, LOL. There has been quite a renaissance in the last decades. I have a weakness for Industrial Archaeology so rather like the little that is left of the dark satanic mills.

Anna said...

Good pics & L-words!
I'm very late!
Happy Weekend!