Monday, 12 April 2010

Tarn and Hills

Wonderfully warm April weather, the roads were lined with Daffodils as we journeyed to Coniston.  Everyone was enjoying the weather and taking a stroll round Tarn Hows with dogs, children and push chairs. Wellington boots were the footwear of choice for small children, ideal for paddling in mud. Though nobody human was paddling in the tarn

probably because like me the weather had come as a surprise, my day sack still had its winter contingencies.

  Looking towards the Coniston Range
The views from Black Crag were extensive, but very hazy

though later in the day they cleared slightly. The view from Tom Heights looking towards the Langdale Pikes,

 the view from the south is completely different from the iconic Langdale Valley view

which I don't have a digital version of so here is one by Mark Jobling from Wikipedia.


jabblog said...

What beauty! The difference in the north and south views is stark.

Joy said...

I like these distinctive pikes because they are easy to identify no matter where you are in the Lakes. When the green of summer appears their character will change again.

Anonymous said...


Sheila said...

These are STUNNING pictures! It's time I took a trip north again.