Friday, 2 April 2010

Furness Abbey

A gloomy Good Friday but the daffodils provided enough sunny yellow at the ruins Furness Abbey, a 12th Century Cistercian monastery.

The wise old owl knows many things, such as

if you have your own woolly jumper then why not have a plastic coat on top.
Lamb protected from the cold and wet.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joy,
Thank you for visiting my blog! ~ Oh, I just LOVE yours! The images are GLORIOUS! So rich in texture and history ... How I would love to have our own woolly jumper! Perhaps one day, to help keep the pastures mowed!

Have a lovely Easter and continue to enjoy the colors of Spring!

Johnny Nutcase said...

the lamb has a rain jacket!?! That is just too sweet and cute (so glad you put that photo up!). And what a neat place, i'd love to explore!

Q said...

You live in a remarkable part of the world.
The owl seems to be a Wise Olde Owl!
I love the woolie in a slicker! I spin and love my wool dry and clean.
Wonderful post. I have so enjoyed catching up wuth you. I find your posts interesting and so informative.
Have very Happy Easter,

Anonymous said...


Joy said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. The lamb was irresistible in that jacket.