Friday, 16 June 2017


Oriental Poppy
A Raft of Apples will be quiet for a few weeks as I take a hop skip and a jump over to the Emerald Isle.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


We've had a lot of elections in the UK recently, last month it was for the local councilors, this month a unexpected snap election for national government which turned out to have an unexpected result of a hung parliament so we have yet more chaos wished on us by the incumbent government.  My local polling station is Cambridge Street Primary School who were enjoying the election because it meant they had an unexpected day off.  There is always something interesting on the wall at the cloakroom entrance to the classrooms, last year there were rather impressive paintings done by the children inspired by famous paintings by people like Van Gogh, Monet and Da Vinci, this year there were balloon wishes
such as the wish "to go to every party I'm invited to"
"Open a Sweet Shop" - "Play in the Yard with My Dog"
"To Have A Sleep In" - "To Be Famous"
"To work at a snake centre"
There were lots more such as "To be able to eat loads of sweets" (not the person to be employed by the child who wanted to open a sweet shop), "Go To France" or someone wanted to go even further and "Go To Asia" although one homebody only wanted to "Go To Southport" (a seaside resort just down the coast) and a sporting enthusiast wanted "To Go To Old Trafford".
Time for me to vote and follow the arrows around the corner and wish we we were not leaving the European Union, wish for better politicians and wish there were not evil psychopaths who blow children up in the city of Manchester, home to the football ground of that last child's wish. But I will not end on a negative note and wish for hope not hate and also wish that our children's dreams can come true. 

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Viewing Platform

A viewing platform set on top of a knoll in Millom Park, in olden times this area was once a deer park connected with the castle, but today it is a forestry plantation.  We had set off for a walk in sunshine but as can be seen from the photograph by the time we reached this point the weather had changed.
The viewing platform is a sturdy structure but with a nice shaped struts. On a clear day there are good views of the hills
and the estuary, but as you see this was not a clear day so I concentrated my happy snapping on the viewing platform.  A few years ago the fir trees had grown tall obscuring some of the view but 
the chain saw has been swung so now the knoll looks quite desolate. I imagine they will replant but this coming summer will soon green it up.
In the meantime the views will be magnificent, weather permitting.  I must pick my day better next time. 

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