Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Good Ship Xmas

Christmas Card (1901) by Harry Napper for the Silver Studio (seen in the Europeana Collections portal)
I echo the words of the Christmas Card and wish Good Fortune and Best Wishes as you set sail on the good ship Xmas

About the Card
Harry Napper (1860-1930) was a British water colourist  and designer in multiple mediums who was one of the leading designers working for the fabric, wallpaper, carpet and metalwork design company Silver Studio (an important part of the development of the Art Nouveau movement).  The card is part of the thousands of objects which form the core of  Middlesex University's  Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MODA) collection covering the Silver Studio's design output from 1880-1960.  This collection can be browsed online here

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


St Bee's railway crossing and station provides an X this week with the yellow cross hatching of the road's 'no stopping' lines.  This is also probably the only angle one can get a full view of the signal box on the right.  Built in 1891 it is a rare example of one built in the Arts and Craft style although the windows are no longer original, a shame for the viewer but not for the signalman who I imagine appreciates the double glazing at this time of year. The station and most of the village is constructed of the dark red St Bees Sandstone, the same type as in the nearby sea cliffs
here seen with a thin strata of white sandstone.  Its full geological name is St Bees New Red Sandstone, yes 'new' - a mere 200 million years old.  

Time to shoehorn another X, this time an Christmas, or rather Xmas, cactus.  Half of mine has just flowered but it looks as though the other half might actually flower at Xmas-time, which will be the first time it has lived up to its name. As my cactus is red Mr Google has helpfully provided a xanthic one in full flower. 
Blessings to you all and have a very Merry Xmas

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Windows on Life

A beautiful aspect of the of hills and woodland is glanced through the window's of St Bega's Church in Eskdale Green. Originally built as a chapel of ease in the 19th Century generations will have gazed on the seasons changing from the church seats.
At Colton Church (Holy Trinity) the words of the Psalm 150 greet one coming though the door, which urges the congregation to praise God with singing and dancing.
Windows of a more practical nature in a Signal Box when alert eyes are needed to keep the trains safe and I'm taking the picture through the train window as it slowed down.

Even more windows at the Bluecoat Art Centre, originally built as a school in 1717.

I've got a double here as there are not only window but also a yellow poster advert for WT Windowstore in one of them. I think they were doing some renovation at the this, the old British and Foreign Marine Insurance building in Liverpool. To be honest I was more interested in the building's mosaics which can be seen in more detail here 

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Valley View

Here I am looking over the fields of Green Moor in the Woodland Valley from the Conscientious Objectors stone where in 1916 they engraved their initials and names, the view will be exactly the same as they saw a hundred years ago.

Unlike the war memorials little is known about the men who neatly engraved their initials, the date of 1916 is significant because that is when Britain introduced military conscription to the armed forces, and some of those who refused for reasons of conscious or religion (ie consciousness objectors) were given 'work of national importance' such as farming of forestry which is what perhaps this little group were doing.

A hop, skip and jump away    
is the Duddon Valley, a quiet corner of Lakeland. The higher hills have a dusting of snow but here autumn is holding winter at bay although the temperatures are dipping

so there will be no cattle taking their ease and lounging in the sun like this summer view.

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