Tuesday, 29 November 2011

ABC Wednesday - Tarn Hows

Looking back to a warm sunny day in September (unlike today when the wind and rain rattles outside) we headed for the tranquillity of Tarn Hows. This is a place I often visit but always tacked on to a longer walk so have never parked nearby. Events earlier on the summer when I broke my leg meant I was still on one crutch so a nice easy stroll round the tarns would be ideal.  Parking at one of the little car parks out of sight of the objective a choice of two paths, one leading over a pretty little bridge. Over the bridge is the way I said confidently. 
We gradually walked up hill past waterfalls, then it got steeper
oh yes we had gone up Tom Ghyll so a certain amount of being hauled up rocks now took place but I did discover that a crutch is ideal for crossing streams.
Our objective reached we joined 
the families walking,
dogs paddling
and those just sitting an enjoying the day.  I did some of that too. We then took the gentle route
back to the car, my self appointed fitness trainer (well someone has to do it)  leading the way.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

ABC Wednesday - Roche Bernard

La Roche Bernard is a small harbour town on the River La Vilaine, with a popular marina and Michelin starred restaurants. Its origins date back to the 9th Century with stories of Vikings but today it is a popular tourist destination.
Designated a "Petites cités de caractère" it has a historic centre but here we are walking down to the harbour.
The boat that takes trips up and down the river in Summer was about to leave but my attention was taken with
the numerous photos in the water by the yachts.
which were blown up postcards of the building of the bridge across the Vilaine. I collect old postcards so a lot of camera clicking went on at this point, this one is my favourite, all the town's population in those past times seems to be gathered on one side of the river.  I guess the reason these photos were here was that there was a celebration of photography and an exhibition in La Roche Bernard and
large pictures were posted throughout the town. No time to be recumbent here, lots to see and do, not to mention canoes
to be hired and paddled.

An entry to ABC Wednesday a journey from A to B stopping at R this week

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

ABC Wednesday - Quince

I remembered back in April I had taken photographs of the quince bush in bright sunlight, ABC Wednesday sorted. In the language of flowers, send a quince flower and it means temptation. Unfortunately the quince fruit on the bush this year are not very tempting.
One of just three on there at the moment, usually it is full. Maybe it is due for some cosseting. Certainly no-one will be queuing pick its fruit.
But on such a beautiful weekend lots were queuing to climb on board the ferry and shorter queues because there are more doors
to climb on board one of the trains of the Thomas the Tank Engine weekend. Thomas himself was further down the line.

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Lakeland Weekend

In the rhythm of the seasons the beaches in the Rusland valley are always the last to change colour which usually coincides with the first frosts, the prelude to winter. All though of winter are put aside for clear skies and sunshine this weekend have been perfect for
cycling club
who soon whizzed by towards their destination
Sailing on the lakes. The ferry Miss Lakeland was packed as it came to disgorge its passenger at Lakeside and fill up with more to travel down back down Windermere.
whereas the sailing boats were enjoying tacking across the lake. The smaller visitors to the Lakes were steaming
from Haverthwaite to Lakeside on Thomas the Tank Engine

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ABC Wednesday - Peregrination

For the perfect peregrination sometimes a little effort is required, gets the heart palpitating when winding
for water filling up the lock, two barges parked in parallel
but lots of other mechanical things to do while the pooch is patrolling along the top, meanwhile the driver
is relaxing having a powwow with a fellow peripatetic bargee on their rise up to the next part of the Chester Canal
The gates open and the journey continues. This canal has lots of possible destinations because it is is part of the Shropshire Union Canal, and as its name implies it is a union of many.  We walked a small stretch at the weekend and
on the way back another two barges were going the other way.  The Lock Keepers cottage (c1800) is a listed building, including its walled yard and privy which used to drain into the sluice-way under the house. Happily the latter aspect is not listed, modern plumbing rules.
 The object of our peregrination was to walk around the medieval walls of the city of Chester , our entry point being by the side of this dovecote which was in possession of pigeons who suddenly flew into the air as I snapped my photograph.

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