Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Anyone for Tennis?

Last Autumn I passed by the tennis courts.   They lay in silent shadow amongst the tall trees and turning colours, the winter lay in wait.  It took its time in going but now in the
sunshine of Spring  it looks like is time to toss up a few balls and look forward to a long summer of games.  Anyone for Tennis.?

An entry to ABC Wednesday - a journey through the alphabet.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shingle Street

I mentioned when doing M for Martello Towers in this round of ABC Wednesday that my walks destination was Shingle Street and so here we are on the sweeping shingle beach.  The day was both showery and windy as can be seen
from the flag. The line of cottages that look out over on the beach are called Shingle Street so the beach takes the same name. During World War Two the beach was mined against invasion and the inhabitants evacuated. Someone was rather careless with explosives and the pub blew up, never to be rebuilt.  I hope its stock of beer was low.  Today it is just a quiet hamlet with holiday cottages and a lifeguard station
  which is at the end of the white cottages in the distance. My attention was on the sea kale
which grows here in profusion. The Victorians were also a lovers of sea kale but they dug it up and transplanted it into ornamental gardens and for a time it became rare on the coast. This beach is full of  both mature and
young plants just starting out in life. Many parts of the plant can be eaten but perhaps not on this beach for it is an area of special scientific interest for both its flora and fauna in the shingle and salt-marshes nearby.
It is thought that coastal erosion may mean that this shingle spit may not be here in twenty years time.Who knows but until then it felt firm under my feet. 
and I'm guessing the home owners are hoping the same.

An entry to ABC Wednesday - a journey through the alphabet


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Robin on the Rocks

The unusually long winter this year resulted in the snowdrops staying around for many many weeks. This photo was taken on the 9th April and they are still in full bloom. Maybe that is why the red breasted robin is giving them a good look over as is rests on the rock.

Now what other red birds are there?
'Might Red' in the Fan Zone, Anfield
Oh yes , the "Mighty Red" Liver Bird. The mascot they have started to use in community work, here posing for pictures. Then once posed
having a chat, possibly about those tiny wings.  I don't think this thing can fly.
The Kop, Anfield
Now that banner shows the mythical Liver Bird, symbol of Liverpool,  resplendent in red, those wings would surely fly high.

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Quick Chicks

"Hello.Just enjoying a quiet day with my chicks.  Hey look out humans about!"
"Quick gather up.  Off we go"
"Come on form a queue".
"Don't hang back, keep up the quick pace, its all up the hill now until we reach water"
These chicks are bigger than this now, I love to see them grow, they will soon be big enough to quack.

An entry to ABC Wednesday - a journey through the alphabet