Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ABC Wednesday - Kites

I was going to do kayak for this week which just proves how the memory plays tricks because when I looked at the photos they were canoes, and no, despite my browse of the dictionary I could find no archaic spelling with a K. Then I remembered I had some kites from the first Kitefest held earlier in the year at Haverigg.
There were all sorts of shapes and sizes
and the Fusion Team dancing kites to music.  Here they are practising before taking the field.  Not easy on this weekend because despite the fact there are a number of Kite Surfing events held locally because of the reliability of the wind the early part of the year was notable for warm and and windless weather. If you were a
butterfly it would be OK, but the huge Dragon Kites had difficulty getting off the ground.  No matter
there was a kite retail opportunity in the far tent and pancakes here or my favoured option
a kool ice cream.  The event took place on the Haverigg Rugby Ground a good space for a kids kick around.

The Letter K for the ABC Wednesday -  a journey from A to Z

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

ABC Wednesday - Journey

To journey by bike is the best way to see a country, faster than walking yet slow enough see the sights and meet the people.  This bike was outside the port office in La Roche Bernard so perhaps the owner had another mode of transport for his journey in mind such as
this one which would take the three sailors out into the Atlantic. If a little more comfort is required maybe something bigger would take one to another country
 such as this ferry leaving Portsmouth bound for St Malo. Or maybe journey across continents by train
although you would have to pick the right day with my local line up the coast. This photo was taken on Sunday and no trains ever run on that day.   So maybe it would be better to jump on
a motor bike like this one.

The ABC Wednesday journey from A to Z has reached the letter J

Monday, 19 September 2011

Duddon Dawdle

The Osteospurnum making the most of yesterday's afternoon sunshine as was the little wasp.
The roads and fields are showing the effect of so much rain over this last fortnight.  We passed this field on the way to walk through the Duddon Mosses. And boy were the mosses wet. I am doing flat walks at the moment to build my leg up after its break and was using my new walking stick while boasting about its usefulness in gauging the depth of water and so keeping my feet dry.  No sooner were the words out of my mouth than my leg started to sink.  I will have to add this move to my physiotherapy exercises, pulling leg out of gloopy peat.

The day was warm and a lone male black darter dragonfly flitted along the path while down below 
a fox moth caterpillar was taking its ease in the grass, waiting for its photo opportunity. Next year this little fellow will metamorphose into this:
 This photo from the blog Wild Wings and Wanderings
 But in the meantime the fox moth caterpillar's favourite food,
heather, was flowering along the path under the birch trees where something had taken a liking to
a Fly Agaric and chomped half.  I wonder what fancied a poisonous fungi with a powerful hallucinogen?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

ABC Wednesday - Iris

Passing by the little church at Woodland in July a flash of vivid colour caught my eye.  So curiosity led me in to investigate. 
Making my way to the colour luminous in the sunshine I discovered its flowery source growing
contained within a grave stone. I looked on the stone end for a name but time had erased all trace, but surely nature and the unknown gardener had already shown me the Christian name of the occupant
My I entry to ABC Wednesday. A journey through the alphabet from A-Z

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

ABC Wednesday - Harvest

Looking down from the top of Birkrigg common last week the harvest was in full swing. The hay baled and wrapped on the top fields, the bottom fields ready for the bailer to drive down the lines and, out of view on the left the farmers taking a breather. Its a busy time of the year and you could go anywhere in the country to see a similar scene
such as these square bales in Kent, 
or journey over the water see some round ones in France waiting to be stacked

Room for a few more?

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Tarn Hows

The forecast for the coming week is rain, rain and then more rain.  The moral of this is get out when the sun shines. It was a gloriously warm and sunny day yesterday and these two girls had chosen one of the best seats in Tarn Hows.